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Loyal Twat

❝ May you forget everything and have a happy dream.❞


Phantom Assassin by MagdaPROski


Primeval Prophet - Furion by ChemicalAlia

Vi v e r e  M i l i t a r e  e s t . 
: to Live is to Fight.


second shirt for the ti4 workshop!! ursa one this time, kind of reminds me of that puck picture I did a while ago, but oh well

if you like it you can go vote for it here!!

I may make it available as a print too maybe


Such a good set

Source (Unknown at the moment since i found this awhile ago.)


Evil Dreams Await! by Rocket Horse

hello please vote for this t-shirt in the dota tshirt contest so that i may wear it upon my body, by the ichor of nyctasha, alleluia, amen

- My name is Saylor
22 years old from Maryland.
You'll see anything here that makes me happy enough to reblog.
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Ask me stuff, I'll ask you more.

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